Think Thrice

If you wanted to do it, you would

Sometimes you need hard truths to cut through the BS you tell yourself. Here's one:

If you wanted to do it, you would.

Just stop here for a sec and process this.


If you wanted to get fit, you would.
If you wanted to learn a new language, you would.
If you wanted to meet more people, you would.

When we have intentions but don't act on them, we start using the phrase:

"I want to do X, but ..."

No buts. If you want to do X, either decide what you'll sacrifice for it, or accept that you don't really want to do X right now.

"I want to do X, but ..." → "I want to do X, so I'll sacrifice Y."

When intentions have a lot of buts attached, realize that it's a way to hide truths and give yourself an out:

You might be starting to get ticked off. You don't know my situation! Stop judging people from your high horse, asshole.

You're right - I don't know who you are.

But I never said that it was bad not to do it now. To have an out. You might've started saying that to yourself.

I also never said I was talking to you. I'm talking to me.

Hey, it's hard to balance things! That's okay. There's nothing wrong with waiting for the right time to do X.

Why not let go of it till then?

And in the meantime, just don't fool yourself: if you wanted to do it, you would.

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